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Quality engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication.

Innovation in manufacturing has been our goal for over fifty years.

We turn regular sheets of metal into usable parts and pieces. It’s what we do. But that’s not our passion.

What we truly love is working with clients to create something new, different, and better. We love bringing great ideas to life, even if we have to engineer entirely new processes to do it.

To meet this goal, you have our support throughout the entire manufacturing process – from design to production to finishing.

We have a team of talented in-house engineers and years of expertise as metal manufacturers that make it easy to push the boundaries of design.

One client now has an embossed steel tube that replaced an aluminum tube (cutting material costs by a huge margin while maintaining a lightweight design) and a new manufacturing process that cut production time by 80%.

We’re happy to accommodate your largest and most difficult projects by whatever means necessary.

You can take advantage of our helpful value propositions:

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We’re also affiliated with the Reshoring Initiative, which is dedicated to bringing high-quality manufacturing back to the U.S.


What we’re trying to say is: bring us your ideas. Bring us your frustrating designs, your outdated blueprints, your brilliant innovations. We’ll happily work with you to create something original and remarkable. What more can we say?

That is our passion. And we’re ready to bring yours to life.

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