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Carbon Steel Tubing Advantages and Disadvantages

We’ve all heard about how great stainless steel is. It’s durable, attractive, and lightweight. But what about other types of steel? What if you can’t afford stainless, or don’t care about aesthetics or weight? If your main concerns include durability, strength, and affordability, carbon steel tubing (often called mild steel tubing) may be more appropriate for you. Let’s … Continue reading Carbon Steel Tubing Advantages and Disadvantages

Tubular Steel Fabrication: Let Us Count the Ways

Metal fabrication is a term that encompasses a large number of processes in manufacturing. Tubular steel fabrication refers specifically to those process that prepare and assemble the metal tubing to create a finished product. Tubular steel is only one of many metal products that can be fabricated.

Pros and Cons of Using Galvanized Steel Tubing

Galvanized steel tubing is a great way to cut costs if you’re currently working with stainless steel or painted metal tubes. There’s a good reason galvanization is the most popular way to protect steel tubing.

What Is Lean Manufacturing, And Why Should You Care?

When we talk about lean manufacturing, imagine it like a building: The pieces on the bottom build the foundation for the next level, which create a platform to support the “roof.” This is the kind of graphic that most companies use to visualize the lean methodology. Sometimes there are more bits involved, sometimes less. Related: … Continue reading What Is Lean Manufacturing, And Why Should You Care?