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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services: What Will You Pay?

So you’ve got a project that needs to look great. Tight tolerances and incredible precision are on your mind. We bet the potential cost is riding your brain waves, too. Perhaps you’ve already opted to go with sheet metal laser cutting instead of plasma or waterjet cutting — or perhaps an older, cheaper process. Chances … Continue reading Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services: What Will You Pay?

Round Steel Tubing Sizes | Tube Sizes Guide

The sizes listed below are for standard tube production. If you have custom engineering or requests, your metal manufacturer may be able to make them work too, depending on its engineers’ skill level.

Benefits of CNC Tube Bending Services vs. Joint Welding

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. All repetitive fabrications – including stamping, cutting, bending, and punching – can now be automated (though some manufacturers have chosen to carry on traditional manual bending practices).

How Much Does Laser Cutting Steel Cost Per Inch?

When it comes to cutting sheet metal, laser cutting and waterjet cutting are both highly technical and highly accurate. However, recent advances in technology have given laser cutting steel a clear cost-per-inch advantage due to: