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What’s the Average Cost per Square Foot for Powder Coating?

Deciding whether to powder coat or paint can come down to something as simple as price. Either solution can yield excellent results using a high-quality product and proper application. There are other considerations, such as environmental impact, that might come into play. But we’re guessing average cost per square foot is your first powder coating … Continue reading What’s the Average Cost per Square Foot for Powder Coating?

Garden Tool Manufacturers Need the Right Design for the Right Job

Garden tool manufacturers looking to ramp up production and increase future sales need to understand that modern consumers demand a sturdy, durable, good-looking tool that helps them accomplish the task at hand (without causing pain). When manufacturing these tools, the choice of tubular steel can make a big difference in providing products that meet the … Continue reading Garden Tool Manufacturers Need the Right Design for the Right Job

13 Ways You Can Reduce Metal Stamping Costs

Metal stamping can be quite pricey, especially for prototype products that require low-volume, short production runs. If you’re in the middle of metal stamping cost estimating, here are a few ways you can bring that number down and make the manufacturing process more efficient overall.

316 vs. 304 Stainless Steel Cost Comparison

The design engineer who sets a list of specifications for a particular design and the professional buyer who purchases the components have many similar needs. Both want to produce a quality product in the most cost-effective manner possible. Producing a final design often becomes a tug-of-war of time, cost and quality constraints. One example of … Continue reading 316 vs. 304 Stainless Steel Cost Comparison

Tube Bending Design Guidelines: Tight Tolerances Aren’t All Good

A tight tolerance sounds great from a design engineer’s perspective. It forces the manufacturer to put out product that matches your specifications exactly. It ensures each part is nearly identical, creating a similar user experience for each customer. It makes your design comes to life just the way you want it.

6 Tube Bending Tips for Tubular Steel Products

The design of a tubular steel part is much more important than the actual bending of the metal. The bending machine and its operator merely follow the instructions determined by the engineer who designs the part. The engineer is responsible for making the design efficient & affordable to manufacture, as well as ensuring that the … Continue reading 6 Tube Bending Tips for Tubular Steel Products

Seamless Vs. Welded Tubing

A tube is a tube is a tube. Maybe for the layman. For manufacturers and their clients who require steel tubing, it’s important to note the differences and understand which tubes work best for which projects. The kind of tubing you choose for your project will depend on factors such as corrosion resistance, stress of … Continue reading Seamless Vs. Welded Tubing

Laser Cutting Vs. Waterjet Cost for Steel Sheet Metal

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting are both high-tech, highly accurate forms of sheet metal fabrication. However, there is one clear winner when you compare laser cutting vs. waterjet cost-wise. Here’s why laser cutting is more affordable for your project, no matter its size or shape.

What Goes Into the Cost of Steel Tube Fabrication?

When it comes to steel tube fabrication, the cost of the final product is about more than just raw material prices. When determining the cost of steel tubing per foot, manufacturers consider multiple factors — including the complexity of the shape, bending, and forming, secondary processes needed, scrap, waste and more.