Why HSS Steel Tube Is the Best Framework for Bridge Construction

Joggers and pedestrians moving along the Brooklyn Bridge

Infrastructure must withstand daily usage by pedestrians, vehicles, structures, and other stresses. It can’t bend, rot, or fail. Weak infrastructure leads to disasters like this 1987 bridge collapse in New York.

Infrastructure simply cannot fail while in use – no matter the conditions. Lives depend on it.

How can we ensure a safe, long-lasting framework for our cities? The answer lies in hollow structural sections (HSS) high-strength, high-durability tubular steel.

HSS Tubular Steel Is Safe for People & Affordable for Construction

1.  Strength and Durability

You need strength? HSS steel tubing has it in spades. Hollow structural sections are made from high-strength welded steels, specifically alloyed to withstand extreme conditions and environments. These steels are highly resistant to corrosion and are thoroughly tested before use.

Severe weather and corrosion are facts of life. With proper maintenance, HSS steel failure is not.

2.  Low Cost

HSS steel is affordable both in material and fabrication. Here are the biggest cost savings:

  • Fabrication – such as welding – doesn’t require much preparation or experience to do well. Experienced labor costs are minimized.
  • HSS steel is easy to maintain – because it’s naturally resistant, it doesn’t require additional finishing or frequent repairs.
  • Shipping, construction, & production costs are reduced – because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, you’re getting more strength for less material.
  • Steel is highly recyclable – it’s easy to take old steel and reuse it. Material production costs are minimal.

3.  Easy to Fabricate

Like we mentioned above, HSS steel is very easy to weld. It’s also easy to bend, cut, and punch if needed. 

4.  Aesthetically Appealing

Steel tubing is strong, durable, and easy on the eyes. Even the square and rectangular shapes have softer edges, which helps reduce the harshness usually associated with metals. 

If the structure will be painted or finished, steel tubing makes it easy – there are no crevices or strange shadows to throw off the painter.

5.  Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Tubular steel can be formed into square, rectangular, oval, round, or custom shapes. HSS tubing can be fully functional or provide a decorative spin for the structure. It can be thin or thick, long or short, wide or narrow, or mixed and matched!

No matter the shape or size of the bridge, your HSS steel tube can be made to match.

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