Metal Fabrication | Have You Ever Seen a Robot Weld a Bed Frame?

There’s a first time for everything. And yes, people will eventually sleep on these bed frames.

We took this neat video a few months ago during one of our largest and most complicated projects to date. The customer needed a huge number of bed frames produced, cut, punched, welded, and powder coated. Here, you can see our robots performing the welding.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

We recommend raising the quality to 1080p HD for best results.

Our friendly little welding robots don’t look like traditional sci-fi robots. They don’t have metal faces or humanoid arms, and they’re pretty much immobile (they’re anchored to the floor). Unlike this guy:

The Future is HereThe future is here.

Even if our manufacturing robots don’t break ground in technology, they’re still crucial for our services. They assist in quality control, product consistency, testing, and design.

Similarly, robotic machines and other automation tools assist American manufacturers in competing with offshore vendors. Robotics allow US manufacturers to reduce labor and waste costs, making services more affordable for our customers and the end user.

Today, robots are a common part of manufacturing and metal fabrication processes. Manufacturing robotics will only get more complex as we move into the next decade.

Robotics & the Industrial Internet of Things

Obviously, the Industrial Internet of Things will change the entire landscape of manufacturing. Big Data, full supply chain integration, machine learning – things we could barely imagine fifty years ago.

Robotics will play a huge roll in analytics, smart machines, metal fab processes, and reducing human labor. Although there will be less of a need for human interaction on the line, there should be enough jobs to support American towns and economies. Where certain jobs are eliminated by technology, demand is created in tech maintenance, troubleshooting, and other areas.

Overall, we’re excited to see robots become an even larger part of the manufacturing process. We look forward to the changes this will bring to the industry, and the opportunities it will create.

We hope you enjoy our robot welders (we sure do!).