Tooling Made Easy on Your Total Manufacturing Cost

Engineer operating a metal forming machiningMany people involved with the purchasing process stress over the best method of tool production and how it will impact their total manufacturing cost.

Well, it’s important to get tooling right. Crappy tooling means a crappy part.

The solution? In-house tool design has proven to be an extremely economical means of getting your parts to production in a jiffy.

A Little About Tooling and Total Manufacturing Cost

Designing and engineering tools is a necessary element of making your components turn out with the proper specifications.

There a several types of tooling, such as:

  • Dies for sheet metal, cold forming, and other machines
  • Cutting tools for milling and grinding machines
  • Welding and inspection fixtures
  • Holding tools like jigs and fixtures

The complexity of your part will probably affect how much tooling you need. Other factors that affect tooling costs include:

Why In-House?

We build 50% to 60% of our tooling in-house.

Many decision makers believe tooling is a cost-prohibitive process. Through smart use of in-house tooling, that doesn’t have to be the case. The right vendor will make sure you understand how to calculate your tooling costs, then find a solution that suits you best.

We’ve been doing this since the 1970s, so you’re putting the success of your project in the hands of experienced experts. Cutting corners cost-wise with tooling may end up in costly redos, anyway.

Whenever possible, you should ask for in-house tooling. It translates into better quality control and, in turn, more output for your time and money.

Why McHone?

Our comprehensive line allows for quicker turnaround times as well as more economical pricing. Those are kind of big deals.

This is possible because we own a full line of tooling capabilities, including in-house tool-making staff.

For example, if you need metal stamping, we are capable of creating and maintaining all stamping and bend dies. For progressive dies, we deal directly with a trusted outside source so you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple vendors.

We have the capacity to meet your timeline more effectively than ever (so your part isn’t collecting dust instead of making you money). Not to mention up-to-date equipment that makes the process a sure bet.

Now Make It Easy at Every Step!

Tooling is just one of many ways we can take your project from start to finish in the most cost-effective manner possible. Give us a shout if you’re wondering whether your processes could benefit from some streamlining with an all-in-one vendor.