Plate Rolling Services

GET PLATE ROLLING SERVICES FOR YOUR COMPONENT   We have one plate rolling machine in-house with the following capabilities: Materials Capacity: Max Mild Steel thickness: ¼” Max Stainless Steel thickness: 3/16” Capabilities: Max Rolling Width: 80″ Max Forming Diameter: 38” Min Forming Diameter: 13″ for thin metal Bends: Cylinders Multi Radius Flats between Bends

Bead Blasting

BEAD BLASTING SERVICES Get Bead Blasting Services for Your Component Stainless steel bead blasting, like other abrasive blasting services, removes metal surface impurities. This includes rust, grime, paint, and prior surface treatments & coatings. Bead blasting is also used prepare the surface for additional finishing, or it can be its own finish. Stainless steel bead blasting creates … Continue reading Bead Blasting

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Our Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER S Groundbreaking Variable Beam Parameter Product (V-BPP) technology better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance and edge quality. Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting. V-BPP enables users to select specific beam shapes that can significantly enhance part quality. Our Trumpf 3030 lasers make … Continue reading Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Roll Forming

OEM Industrial Roll Forming McHone Industries offers sheet metal roll forming as an individual service or as part of a full-service manufacturing agreement. Our Rafter roll former can roll strips up to a width of 6″. Max material thickness for right angle forming: 11 gauge Max material thickness for right angle and “C” channel forming: … Continue reading Roll Forming

Powder Coating

One of our largest industrial powder coating projects was a large order of bed frames (below). We also completed the welding and assembly of the frames. Our new state-of-the-art powder coating line includes a five-stage iron phosphate wash system. The electrostatic spraying equipment is articulating and computer controlled for consistent coverage. The overhead conveyor line is … Continue reading Powder Coating

Tube Bending & Tube Fabrication

METAL TUBE PRODUCTION & FABRICATION   Our tube manufacturing services include everything from bending and fabrication to design, production, finishing, and packaging. We offer full-service manufacturing and can do welding, piercing, slotting, and other secondary operations in-house. Tube bending services are primarily accomplished with the help of rotary benders – four CNC & one NC – which improve tube bending … Continue reading Tube Bending & Tube Fabrication

Tube Production

 METAL TUBE PRODUCTION   We currently manufacture metal tubing. Our tube mills can produce Galvanized & Carbon Steel products into four standard shapes: Round Square Rectangular Oval We are able to produce metal tubing in sizes, from 0.500″ to 2.500″. We can manufacture many different shapes including Round, Square, Rectangle, and Oval. McHone Industries also … Continue reading Tube Production