McHone Industries offers complete OEM sheet metal fabrication services, including components and turnkey finished products.





Our OEM sheet metal fabrication services include press braking, stamping, and punching.

Our Trumpf TruBEND 3066 handles the smaller projects. It can bend lengths up to 81.875″ with a press force of 660kN.

The TruBEND 3180 takes care of the bigger bends, handling up to 163″ at 1800kN.

On all of our machinery, we can bend material up to ½ inch thick.

If your project requires larger machinery, different processes, or special considerations, we are happy to accommodate your needs by whatever means necessary.

Sheet Metal Stamping

For sheet metal stamping services, McHone Industries has fifteen punch presses ranging in tonnage from twenty to 150 tons. We can produce single parts as well as auto-fed progressive stampings.

Our in-house tool makers build and maintain all of our stamping, as well as bend tooling.