McHone Industries has two 4000 watt Trumpf 3530 lasers for high-precision sheet metal laser cutting.


Our two Trumpf 3530 lasers make metal laser cutting services quick and cost-effective.

The TruLaser 3530 model was designed for speed, flexibility, and high cutting quality. This model has an additional X-direction axis that takes weight off key parts of the machinery, resulting in higher acceleration and quicker sheet metal laser cutting speeds.

The 3530 comes with a Trumpf Loadmaster unit, which helps the machine operator keep the lasers running optimally at all times.

Precise, efficient, high-quality sheet metal laser cutting.


Up to 60 inch x 120 inch sheets with a maximum of:

0.75 inch thick mild steel,
0.500 inch thick aluminum
0.625 inch thick stainless steel

Max workpiece weight of 710 kg (1,565 lbs)

Max positioning speeds of 120-170 m/min

Accuracy up to 0.01 mm