McHone Industries specializes in the bending and fabrication of tubular steel products.
We can bend and fabricate many types of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Providing businesses with 100% American tube manufacturing for over forty years.

The name “McHone Industries” is synonymous with American tube manufacturing.

For years, this was the main service we provided to businesses on the East Coast. Although we have branched out to offer a number of contract metal services, tube bending services continue to be our specialty.

Our tube manufacturing services include everything from bending and fabrication to design, production, finishing, and packaging. We offer full-service manufacturing and can do welding, piercing, slotting, and other secondary operations in-house.

Our services and products are 100% American-made. McHone facilities are located in Salamanca, N.Y, and have served businesses in the U.S. for over 40 years. We take great pride in our cost-effective solutions for tubing!

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Our tube bending services are primarily accomplished with the help of rotary benders – four CNC & one NC – which improve tube bending speeds, costs, and quality.

Rotary draw benders are known for their high-precision capabilities. This style of bending gives us maximum control over wall thinning and ovality distortions that naturally occur during the bending process. Mandrels inserted in the tubes and tooling on the outside also contribute to a higher quality finished product.

Along with our NC machines, we also have vertical benders with capabilities up to 1.5″ diameter x 0.065″ wall thickness (or equivalent) for smaller projects.

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