Stainless steel bead blasting is an affordable way to clean metal components and prepare them for finishing.

Bead blasting is one of many abrasive blasting techniques used to prepare a metal surface for finishing. Metal beads leave no residue, and are more environmentally friendly than sand blasting.

Metal beads also pose little to no health risks to workers, and are easier on machinery than other forms of blasting.

Stainless steel bead blasting is more affordable than many other abrasive methods. The beads themselves are relatively cheap to produce, and can be reused multiple times.


Get Bead Blasting Services for Your Component

Stainless steel bead blasting, like other abrasive blasting services, removes metal surface impurities. This includes rust, grime, paint, and prior surface treatments & coatings.

Bead blasting is also used prepare the surface for additional finishing, or it can be its own finish. Stainless steel bead blasting creates a shiny, uniform appearance with no need for further coating.

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