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Sheet Metal Sizes: What You Need To Know

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Square Tubing Vs. Round: Tube Bending

While metal tubing can be formed into a variety of shapes, square and round tubing are the two most common across a variety of applications. 

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Standard Tubing Sizes Chart - OEM Metal & Steel Tubing

If there’s one thing we know, it’s metal tubing. 

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Shoring & Reshoring: American Manufacturing & Total Cost of Ownership

It may have been tough to believe American manufacturing would make a comeback 20 years ago. 

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CNC Bending Services: Everything You Need to Know

Those dang millennials. Always trying to be in front of a computer screen. Now it's even spilled into the world of metal manufacturing, and the way we fabricate metal tubing and sheets

What is CNC...

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Round Steel Tubing Sizes | Tube Sizes Guide

The sizes listed below are for standard tube production. If you have custom engineering or requests, your metal manufacturer may be able to make them work too, depending on its engineers' skill level.

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5 Ways to Control the Cost of Tube Bending Services

It's probably safe to assume that cost is one of the (if not THE) main factor that affects your choice of tube bending service provider. And it's also probably safe to assume that at times the cost...

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Garden Tool Manufacturers Need the Right Design for the Right Job

Garden tool manufacturers looking to ramp up production and increase future sales need to understand that modern consumers demand a sturdy, durable, good-looking tool that helps them accomplish the...

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13 Ways You Can Reduce Metal Stamping Costs

Metal stamping can be quite pricey, especially for prototype products that require low-volume, short production runs. If you're in the middle of metal stamping cost estimating, here are a few ways...

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Tube Bending Design Guidelines: Tight Tolerances Aren't All Good

A tight tolerance sounds great from a design engineer's perspective. It forces the manufacturer to put out product that matches your specifications exactly. It ensures each part is nearly identical,...

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